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Summer Showcase Schedule!

Friday, August 22

The Waiting Room

8:00-8:40 Johnny Legion

8:55-9:35 Furiosity

9:50-10:30 A Wasted Effort

10:45-11:25 Voodoo Method

11:40-12:20  Break Maiden

12:35-1:05 The Matador

1:20-2:00 Through The Stone


The Sydney

8:00-8:40 Exit Sanity

8:55-9:35 The Midland Band

9:50-10:30 GetchaSum

10:45-11:25 Galvanized-tron

11:40-12:20 AZP

12:35-1:05 Polka Police

1:20-2:00 Zed Tempo


Barley Street Tavern

8:00-8:40 Anonymous Henchmen

8:55-9:35 Tucker Hill Citizens Brigade

9:50-10:30 Faded

10:45-11:25 The Broke Loose

11:40-12:20 The Decatures

12:35-1:05 Pancho and the Contraband

1:20-2:00 One Eye White


Burke’s Pub

8:00-8:40 Shuless

8:55-9:35 Charlotte Sometimes

9:50-10:30 Phoenix Rising

10:45-11:25 Dirty River Ramblers

11:40-12:20 Township & Range

12:35-1:05 FINO

1:20-2:00 Stonebelly


PS Collective

8:00-8:40 Dani Cleveland

8:55-9:35 Dominique Morgan

9:50-10:30 Steve Raybine

10:45-11:25 Dilemma

11:40-12:20 Escape From Alcajazz


402 Collective

8:00-8:40 Mojo Bag

8:55-9:35 Esencia Latina Band

9:50-10:30 The 9’s

10:45-11:25 Mitch Gettman

11:40-12:20 The Young Funk


Saturday, August 23


The Waiting Room

8:00-8:40 Clear The Day

8:55-9:35 Edem

9:50-10:30 Matt Cox Band

10:45-11:25 The Big Deep

11:40-12:20 Civicminded

12:35-1:05 John Klemmensen & The Party

1:20-2:00 The Minnahoonies


The Sydney

8:00-8:40 Op2mus

8:55-9:35 Virginia Tanous  

9:50-10:30 Island Alumni

10:45-11:25 J Crum

11:40-12:20 Icares

12:35-1:05 Pflames


Barley Street Tavern

8:00-8:40 Steven File

8:55-9:35  John Larsen 

9:50-10:30 Uh Oh

10:45-11:25  Naked Sunday

11:40-12:20 Brad Hoshaw

12:35-1:05 Low Long Signal

1:20-2:00 Travelling Mercies


Burke’s Pub

8:00-8:40 Naked Plywood

8:55-9:35 The Ronnys

9:50-10:30 24 Hour Cardlock

10:45-11:25 The Willards

11:40-12:20 Bazile Mills (formerly Dave Mainelli & Co)

12:35-1:05 The Sub-Vectors


PS Collective

8:00-8:40 Backwater Spawn

8:55-9:35 Latin Threat

9:50-10:30  Two Shakes

10:45-11:25 The Superbytes

11:40-12:20 shook on3


402 Collective

8:00-8:40 Pure Brown

8:55-9:35 Lot Walks

9:50-10:30 All Young Girls Are Machine Guns

10:45-11:25 Kait Berreckman 

11:40-12:20 Kaitlyn Hova


Schedule subject to change.


Public Nominations Now Open!

Public nominations are now open for the 9th Annual Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards!

Nominate for those in the visual arts, performing arts and live music categories through August 31.

Artist(s) and/or performance must have been presented in the Omaha Metro Area in the period September 1, 2013 to August 31, 2014 and must reside within 100 miles of the Omaha Metro Area.



2014/2015 Award Categories and Nominations

Public nominations begin June 6!

Best Musical
Best Drama
Best Comedy
Best Premier of a New, Original, Local Script
Best Director (Play)
Best Director (Musical)
Best Actor (Play)
Best Actor (Musical)
Best Actress (Play)
Best Actress (Musical)
Best Supporting Actor (Play)
Best Supporting Actor (Musical)
Best Supporting Actress (Play)
Best Supporting Actress (Musical)
Best Slam Poet
Best Dance Production
Best Youth Performer
Best Comedian
Best Comedy Ensemble

Best Visual Artist
Best Emerging Visual Artist
Best New Media Artist
Best 2-D Artist
Best 3-D Artist
Best Group Show
Best Solo Show
Best 2-Person Show
Best Public Art

Best Rock
Best Hard Rock
Best Alternative/Indie
Best Singer-Songwriter
Best DJ
Best Country
Best Americana/Folk
Best R&B/Soul
Best Hip Hop/Rap
Best Blues
Best Jazz
Best Progressive/Experimental/EDM
Best Ethnic
Best Cover Band
Album of the Year
Artist of the Year
Best New Artist


Omaha Gives! May 21, 2014 at The Waiting Room

As part of the Omaha Community Foundation’s Omaha Gives event encouraging 24 hours of digital giving to local non-profits, we’re asking you to make a contribution to our organization to help put Omaha's music scene on the map and recognize local talent at the annual award show.

To give this day the attention it deserves, we're celebrating the only way we know how! Join us at The Waiting Room for great music from multiple OEA winners and nominees at the Songwriter Death Battle beginning at 8pm. Over 40 musicians perform just one song but with the same guitar all night. The fourth edition of this event is host by OEA winner, John Klemmensen.

Donations as little as $10 are accepted online from midnight to midnight on May 21st.

More info at https://www.facebook.com/events/1422623864668817/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming


Seeking Board Members

We are seeking a few board members for 2014!

Please email your interest and any details on what you can bring to the OEAAs to oea.awards@gmail.com by April 30; we will review applicants at our next board meeting in May and welcome new board members the following week.

We're particularly looking for help in fundraising and accounting.

Looking forward to another great year!